• Andrea Miller - Region VI

    Andrea Miller - Region VI

    Andrea Miller is executive director of People Demanding Action, a nonprofit that promotes clean energy in Virginia and nationwide. She lives in Caroli

  • Mike Biniek - Region I

    Mike Biniek - Region I

    Mike graduated from George Mason University in 1977 and operated a small business.

  • Jack Manzari - Region VII

    Jack Manzari - Region VII

    Jack Manzari is a retired physician with extensive experience in hospital management. Jack has owned and managed a 400-acre cattle farm since 2002.

Elect REC Board members who will bring transparency, consumer choice, and lower-cost energy options back to our cooperative

The Current Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Board members act against our interests while enriching themselves. When you get your ballot in the mail in your July issue of Cooperative Living Magazine, vote them out. Board members have no binding term-limits; if we don’t exercise our right to vote, they can serve as long as they want.

The current Board acts against our interests

  • The Board hides its decision-making process from public view.
  • It is unclear how the Board spends our money and if their spending benefits us.
  • The Board is forcing us to pay higher costs for electricity when cheaper alternatives are available.

Enriching themselves at our expense

  • Board members pay themselves $24,000/year for part-time work on a nonprofit board.
  • On top of this generous $2000/month, Board members give themselves a $500/day per diem when they attend any meetings or conferences plus reimbursing all travel expenses.
  • The more they attend meetings or travel to conferences in nice places, the more they pay themselves. They don’t tell us what conferences they attend or where they travel.

We Can Vote Them Out
If you get your electricity from REC, you are a member-owner and have a stake in taking back our cooperative. The only way to do this is to VOTE in the upcoming election for reform REC board candidates, Andrea Miller, Jack Manzari, and Mike Biniek, who will change the current system, reduce board pay, and represent us (cooperative members), not themselves.

How to Vote
You will receive your ballot in the July 2019 issue of Cooperative Living Magazine. You will find a “Proxy Designation Card” to select board candidates in three regions.  You are eligible to vote for one candidate from each of the three regions, regardless of where you live.

This year, for the first time in recent memory, there are reform candidates, Andrea Miller, Jack Manzari and Mike Biniek, running in each region. You have a real choice to make for the first time in over a decade. These reform candidates, inspired by the Repower REC Campaign, will bring member voices back to our electric co-op.

Don't Throw Away Your Vote!

  • Remember to select reform candidates on your ballot. If you do not select specific candidates, you will be giving your vote to the current Board who will cast it for their preferred candidates!  
  • Again, all REC members, regardless of where they live, can vote for a candidate in each of the three regions involved in this year’s REC board election.

This election is our opportunity to elect Board members who will bring transparency, consumer choice, and lower-cost energy options back to our cooperative

This year for the first time you can also vote online at myrec.smarthub.coop

You can also vote in person at the annual meeting on August 22nd at the Fredericksburg Conference Center



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